Fall Sports

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Cheer On Our Cabs!

Fall is a great time of year to get out and enjoy the game! With football, cross-country, golf, volleyball, swimming, chess, and spirit line, you’re sure to have a great time.

Fall Sports Schedule

Meet the coaches that give their time and talents to help us be the best we can be. 


Varsity Coaches   JV Coaches   Freshman Coaches
Head - Mark Brunenkant   Head - Dan Gaona   Head - Jason Pakkala
Assistant - Brian Hook   Assistant - Tyler Stiltner   Assistant - Abe Grijalva
Assistant - Markes William       Assistant - Aaron Denogean
Assistant - Ian Mattix        
Assistant - Scott Cortese        


Girls Cross-Country Coach             Boys Cross-Country Coach 
Head Varsity - Ellen Mork Villalobos   Head Varsity - Ellen Mork Villalobos
Assistant Varsity - Austin Stone   Assistant Varsity - Austin Stone

Girls Volleyball

Varsity Coaches      JV Coach      Freshman Coach
Head - Daniel Alderete (website)   Head - Amelia Warner   Head - Clay Hales
Assistant - TBD        


Boys Golf Coach        Girls Golf Coach  
Head Varsity - Dan Hunsinger   Head Varsity - Bernie Downing


Girls and Boys Swimming Coach
Head Varsity - Kim Davis
Assistant Varsity - Kurt Cummings


Varsity Coach
Head Varsity - Fran Bond and James Bond

Spirit Line

Varsity Coaches   JV Coaches 
Head Varsity - Kelsey Phillips   JV Head - Danielle Durand

Weight Training

Fall - Ray Prichett