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What are the Flowing Wells High School daily school hours?

Our Monday/Thursday/Friday classes begin at 8:45 a.m. Block classes (Tuesday/Wednesday) begin at 8:45 a.m. "0" hour runs from 7:40-8:35 a.m. Monday/Wednesday/Friday, and 7:40-8:35 a.m. Tuesday/Wednesday. All regular school days end at 3:30 p.m. Our early release schedule begins at 8:45 a.m. and ends at 12:41 p.m. Please see the About Us page for more detailed information.

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Does FWHS offer a Special Education program?

Yes, we offer programs for students with handicap conditions. Our programs are available for students with specific learning disabilities, emotional handicaps, or mentally retardation. We also offer audiological, speech, and language development services. Call the district Pupil Services Office at (520) 696-8836 for more information.

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Does the high school have a student library?

We do, and we’re proud of it. Visit our Library page to find out more about it.

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Is breakfast and lunch available for students at school?

Yes, we serve breakfast daily before school from 7:00-7:30 a.m. Students may purchase lunch with their student ID card or cash. Your student ID card will work like a debit card. You can deposit money into your student account before school or during lunch. Students must present their ID card when using it to purchase meals. Failure to do so may result in a delay of service and limited food selection.  Students may charge meals in emergencies only. We limit such situations to three times per year. We encourage parents to apply for free or reduced priced meals for their student at any time during the year.

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Are health services available in the event a student feels ill while at school?

If a student becomes ill and wants to leave campus, he/she must check out with the school nurse. We will not allow a student to go home unless we have made contact with a parent/guardian/emergency contact person.

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What does FWHS have to offer in the way of activities such as clubs and athletics and how can I participate?

We have over 62 clubs on campus and a variety of sports for both boys and girls. Please see the Clubs page or the Athletics page for more detailed information. Students can purchase an activity pass at the bookstore. The cost of this pass will be $17, which will permit the student entrance to school sponsored functions, excluding any Conference games, AIA tournaments, and school tournaments. This is a good value and we encourage all students to purchase a pass.  Students currently attending the high school are included in the family pass, which is available for $55.00. This pass allows immediate members of a student’s family (and the student) entrance into school-only sponsored events. It also excludes any Conference games, AIA tournaments, and school tournaments.

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What are the FWHS graduation requirements?

We have summarized the graduation requirements below. Please see the Student Handbook for more detailed information.

Graduation requires that students earn 23 credits. The specific classes each student must take depend on whether he/she would like to earn the Blue Diploma or the Gold diploma. Additionally, every student must satisfactorily complete a grade level paper and pass the Arizona Instrument to Measure Standards(AIMS).

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I am having a hard time meeting the graduation requirements. What are the programs available to help?

Alternative Ways to Earn High School Credit:

  1. Summer school classes
  2. Correspondence coursework
  3. Independent study (elective courses only)
  4. Credit by exam - 80% proficiency on the test (Students wishing to “challenge out” of a class in which they are currently scheduled have the first two weeks of each semester in which to do so; exams are available in core academic areas)
  5. Pima Community College credit (advanced placement)
  6. University of Arizona credit (advanced placement)
  7. Alternative community programs such as Tucson Youth Development Program.
  8. Sentinel Peak counselors have guidelines and restrictions on the above alternatives

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Can I earn high school credit while if I take college courses?

Students may receive credits toward high school graduation for courses they complete at an accredited college or university. Make sure the high school registrar’s office receives your official college transcripts. College courses must be 100 level or higher. Students may receive 1/2 high school credit for every three-credit units he/she earns at the college/university level.

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Does Flowing Wells High School have an honors/advanced placement program?

The honors program at Flowing Wells High School includes English, foreign language, mathematics, social studies, and science. The honors courses provide a challenging college preparatory curriculum. We teach the advanced placement classes at the college level and adhere to a prescribed curriculum. We offer the college credit courses under concurrent and dual enrollment agreements with Pima Community College. Please see the Student Handbook to review our expectations of students who participate in the honors/AP program.

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What do I need to do to be on the High School Honor Roll?

A student who earns no grade lower than a “C” and maintains a 3.0 average for the quarter grading period will be eligible for general honor roll. A student who earns no grade lower than a “B” and maintains a 3.0 average will be eligible for Blue Honor Roll. A student earning all “A’s” or a 4.0 average will be eligible for Gold Honor Roll. A student earning all “A’s” and maintaining exceptional attendance is eligible for the Platinum Honor Roll.

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Does the school allow the use of cell phones on campus?

Students may take cell phones to school and may use them only during passing periods and at lunch. Additionally, we have installed pay telephones for student use. We do not allow our students to use the office phones for personal calls.

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When can I expect to receive progress reports and report cards?

We will mail Progress Reports home midway through each nine week period. At the end of each nine-week grading period, we will mail the student’s Report Card to inform parents of the student’s progress.

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Does FWHS have a dress code?

The district encourages students to take pride in their attire as it relates to the school setting. Students should dress in a manner that, in addition to our guidelines, takes into consideration the educational environment, safety, health, and welfare of self and others.

The following are some of the standards of our high school dress code. You can find more detailed information about the dress code and the consequences for violating it in the Student Handbook:

  • Students may wear only shorts and skirts that are appropriate in length.
  • We do not allow bare midriffs, halter-tops, and spaghetti straps.
  • Bare feet are never acceptable. In the interest of student safety, we ask that students and staff wear shoes at all times. Please wear closed shoes for any type of physical activity, such as physical education, etc.
  • If you choose to wear jewelry be sure it doesn’t present a safety hazard to yourself and/or others.
  • You may not wear clothing or jewelry that has profane or defamatory writing on it.
  • Students may not carry or display any bandannas, headscarves of any color, size, or shape on campus or at any school activity. This includes simulations of anything representing "colors."
  • Do not wear hats in a school building, except for properly approved occupational safety headgear required for special classes.
  • We will not accept gang-related personalization on hats, items of clothing, or on one's person. This includes anything worn or carried on campus, including items with price tags attached.
  • We expressly prohibit obscene language or symbols, or symbols relating to drugs, drug use, sex, sexual innuendo, sexual activity, or alcohol on any clothing.

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Does the Flowing Wells School District provide bus transportation for high school students?

Yes, we do have bus privileges. Please note we called it a “privilege.” We expect anybody using the school bus for any reason, whether you are traveling to and from school or on a school-sponsored activity, to follow the rules. Please refer to the Student Handbook for the rules and the consequences of disregarding them.

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What should I do if my son/daughter must be absent

Prearranged Absences - We will accept a prearranged absence if parents send in a notice at least one day prior to the absence explaining the reason for the absence. Students can pick up the proper Pre-planned Absence Form in the attendance office, and all of the student’s teachers must sign it. Excused Absences – If a student must be absent from school due to an illness, a medical appointment, a death in the family, a mandated court appearances, approved religious absences, or an emergency outside the control of the student or student’s family, we ask that parents notify the school concerning the absence in a timely fashion. Unexcused Absences/Truancy – We consider a student to have an unexcused absence if any of the following occur:

  1. An absence without parental or guardian permission.
  2. The student is on or near campus and not in his/her assigned classroom without legitimate permission.
  3. The student leaves campus and is absent from any assigned class without a pre-planned excuse, off-campus pass from attendance office, or approval from the school’s nurse.

Please see the Student Handbook for more information regarding student absences.

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