FWHS Graduation Options

What are the FWHS graduation requirements?

We have summarized the graduation requirements below. Please see the Student Handbook for more detailed information.

Graduation requires that students earn 22 credits. The specific classes each student must take depend on whether he/she would like to earn the Blue Diploma, Arizona Scholar, or the Gold diploma. Additionally, every student must satisfactorily complete a grade level paper and pass the Arizona Instrument to Measure Standards(AIMS).

I am having a hard time meeting the graduation requirements. What are the programs available to help?

Alternative Ways to Earn High School Credit:

  1. Summer school classes
  2. Correspondence coursework
  3. Independent study (elective courses only)
  4. Credit by exam - 80% proficiency on the test (Students wishing to “challenge out” of a class in which they are currently scheduled have the first two weeks of each semester in which to do so; exams are available in core academic areas)
  5. Pima Community College credit (advanced placement)
  6. University of Arizona credit (advanced placement)
  7. Alternative community programs such as Tucson Youth Development Program.
  8. Sentinel Peak counselors have guidelines and restrictions on the above alternatives

Can I earn high school credit while if I take college courses?

Students may receive credits toward high school graduation for courses they complete at an accredited college or university. Make sure the high school registrar’s office receives your official college transcripts. College courses must be 100 level or higher. Students may receive 1/2 high school credit for every three-credit units he/she earns at the college/university level.