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Student Council is a class in which members agree to willingly participate in activities that improve school spirit and increase our understanding of leadership. We will do our best to make FWHS an enjoyable place for students and to represent the wants and needs of the entire student body. We’re committed to you and to our school. Please let us know how we can make your school a desirable place to learn and have fun.

Student Council 2022-2023

Student Body
President: Lex Alcantar
Vice President: Noah Cox
Secretary: Erika Estolano
Treasurer: Kayla Elston-Perez
Historian: Joy Zhuo
Director of Public Relations: Melissa Leyva
Director of Activities: Isabella Wilcox

Senior Class
Richard Legarra Vice President: Sarah Masengill Castillo Executive Officer:1.  Kylee Leuer 2. Emily Porter-Howe 3. Izzy Curriel 4. Mason Huaraque 5. Kam Martinez 6. Sydney Richardson

Junior Class
President: Andrew Delaosssa
Vice President: 
Executive Officers:  1.  Nayeli Osornio Burt 
                                2.  Sienna Cortez
                                3.  Danna Pailina Martinez

Sophomore Class
President: Jonathan Ostos
Vice President: Shayden Garber
Executive Officers:  1.  Jazlene Rodarte
                             2.  Alycia Williams
                             3.  Karolyna Flores
                             4.  Lexie Wilcox
                             5.  Kaylee Martinez
                             6.  Kaylah King
                             7.  Luca Gomez
                             8.  Anaiha Rodriguez
                             9.  Jasmine Coria
                            10.  Armando Rios

Freshmen Class
President: Daniela Ruiz
Vice President: Cady Trausch
Executive Officers: 1.  Marcus Devoy
                            2.  Yessenia Solano
                            3.  Sofia Cortez
                            4.  Victoria Delgado
                            5.  Hanna Shultz
                            6.  Nadia Chandler

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