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The Flowing Wells High School is located in Tucson, Arizona, just a short drive from the Arizona/Mexico border. Our student body is a pleasantly diverse group of nearly 2,000 9th-12th graders that strive to find the best in each other. They embrace their differences and appreciate their commonalities. You’ll also find that our teachers bring out the best in every student, recognizing his/her individual potential. We’re proud of our fines arts program and we love sports. If you have an interest you want to pursue, you’re more than likely to find it here at Flowing Wells High School.

Student Mission Statement
  • As members of the Flowing Wells student body, we will use our individual strengths to contribute to a positive image of our school.
  • We will strive to accept, respect, and embrace the uniqueness of our peers.
  • We understand that everyone is both a leader and a follower and will support each other in whatever role we play.
  • We look to our teachers and staff for encouragement and guidance throughout our high school experience.
  • We will work to achieve our goals while maintaining a sense of pride in our surroundings.
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