Class of 2022, What You Need to Know

Who's Going?

Image of teenagers standing outside of a carnival.

We are so happy to announce all the great, new things that are coming your way!

Be sure to buy your tickets in the bookstore. Once your ticket is purchased, please register for the event by clicking here

Want to go, but don't have the funds? See if you qualify for a sponsored ticket here!

Where Are You Sitting?

Image of event table and chairs.

This year we're so excited to bring you a sit-down dinner with some of Tucson's greatest food. Pick your table and your team and reserve before the event!

Reserve You Seat

Grad Night Focus Group

Thank you on wooden blocks.

We want to thank the following people for participating in our focus group this year!

Natalia Aguilera
Ryan Carasco
Jasmine Graham
Vanessa Kaztruita
Kyle Khammivong
Jose Montoya
Emma Pittman
Jordyn Reyes
Dale Snook
Elijah Thumb
Zim Virgil-Trujillo