Have Some Fun!

One of the best things about high school is its clubs. Being involved in positive activities fosters friendships and leads to a more positive attitude toward school, which produces happier students and better grades. With 69 clubs on campus, you’re sure to find something you will enjoy. We encourage you to reach out and have some fun!

Have A New Club Idea?

1. IDEA!
2. Club Sponsor (must be a faculty member at Flowing Wells High School).
3. Club Constitution (pick this up at the front office).
4. Submit Constitution to the office and they will submit it to student council.
5. Student council will approve or deny (vote takes place every two weeks).
6. Administration will then approve, or deny, club sponsor will be notified and a copy of the Constitution will be given to the sponsor.
7. If approved, club sponsors will receive a club pamphlet with guidelines. Club sponsor signs the front page and turn it into the front office where they will send it to the business office for a club account number.
8. Club description will be requested and the club will be in the books!

Academic Decathlon
Academic Decathlon is a program that provides a challenge and opportunities for academic competition broadening academic horizons and promotes the ability to communicate. Students compete in ten academic events to win individual and team awards.
Advisor: J. Wingate RM Library

Art Club
Art Club exposes students to new arts and crafts mediums. We create art works to keep, for donation and for sale. We participate in community service activities such as teaching art at elementary school art programs and creating art pieces for non-profit organizations. We are also working on an art gallery to both feature and sell your art works. This club is perfect if you love art! Supplies are provided.
Advisor: L. Sekulich RM I-3

All students enrolled in band automatically belong to this club.
Advisor: E. Kirkbride RM Band

The baseball club raises funds to compete in summer league tournaments and games as well as competing in Fall Leagues.
Advisor: E. Estrella

Basketball (Boys)
Boys interested in trying out for the team during the winter sports season are given the opportunity to conduct basketball specific workouts in the Flowing Wells Fitness Center and participate in open gyms. Participation is a great way to prepare for the upcoming season.
Advisor: S. Spiece

Basketball (Girls)
Girls are given the opportunity to work out, lift weights, meet teammates and coaches, as well as participate in open gyms in order to prepare for the upcoming basketball season.
Advisor: M. Perkins

Board & Card Game Club
In the Board & Card Game Club we foster an appreciation and love for card and board games of all types. Whether it’s Magic: The Gathering, Uno, Monopoly, or anything in between, you’re sure to find a friend to enjoy a game within our club.

The purpose of this club is to teach the skills of bowling and to have fun. Students will take weekly field trips to Golden Pin Lanes, where they can enjoy pleasant leisure sport while developing their skills and getting to know bowlers from around FWHS.

Both JV and Varsity teams work on promoting school spirit and support of athletic programs on campus. The teams learn gymnastics, stunting skills, dance, crowd leading techniques and competition routines.

This club gathers to enjoy this fascinating game of strategy and thought. Players of all levels are welcome.
Advisor: A. Thompson

Any student enrolled in choir class is automatically a member of choir club.
Advisor: J. Brobeck RM Choir Room

College 101
College 101 is a club to help students learn about the college process. Our focus is on academic success, student leadership, civic responsibility and fun! Our activities include field trips to college campuses, guest speakers, and community service.
Advisor: L. Lipins and A. Pierson  RM Career Center

Comic Book Club
The Comic Book Club meets after school to read and discuss the fascinating and varied world of comics. We discuss classic comic book story lines, as well as current ones, including DC, Marvel, and most independent publishers.
Advisor: J. Mann RM C7

Cross Country
Cross Country is active in the fall. It involves long distance running and weight lifting. We attend a handful of dual meets as well as fun, competitive invites!
Advisor: E. Mork

Culinary Arts
Cab Cuisine is Flowing Wells High School's student-run catering business. We have cooked for many district banquets and school events, and give back to the community through donated meals during the holidays and cooking for the Ronald McDonald House. We meet twice a month during lunch and prepare and cook food after school hours. Members must be enrolled or have previously taken Culinary Arts
Advisor: A. Embacher RM CUL ARTS

Dream It, Be It
A division of Soroptimist International, Dream It, Be It: Career Support for Girls gives girls the tools they need to achieve their education and career goals, and empowering them to break cycles of poverty, violence, and abuse. The club meets every other Wednesday in room B7.
Advisor: A. Pettera RM B7

Economics Challenge

Students compete in state and national competitions testing economics knowledge and reasoning.

Environmental Science Club
The club is open to any student with an interest in ecology, environmental issues and solutions, the Sonoran Desert, gaining experience in field-based data collection, exploring nature and conservation biology.

Explore Tucson
This club takes students out into the community. We seek to discover what makes Tucson great! The club will take one field trip or volunteer trip each quarter.
Advisor: J. Wingate RM Library and I. Duarte RM 

FCCLA Fashion (Family, Career & Community Leaders of America)
Family, Career and Community Leaders of America is the student organization for those enrolled in family and consumer science classes; fashion design and culinary arts. Involvement in FCCLA offers members the opportunity to expand their leadership potential and develop skills for life-planning, goal setting, problem solving, decision making and interpersonal communication-necessary in the home and workplace.
Advisor: K. Loyd RM J1

FFA Future Farmers of America
FFA is a dynamic youth organization that changes lives and prepares members for premier leadership, personal growth and career success through agricultural education. FFA develops members’ potential and helps them discover their talent through hands-on experiences, which give members the tools to achieve real-world success. Members are future chemists, veterinarians, government officials, entrepreneurs, bankers, international business leaders, teachers and premier professionals in many career fields. FFA is an intracurricular student organization for those interested in agriculture and leadership.
Advisor: C. Reynold RM AG

Film Club
The FWHS Film Club is open to anyone who is interested in film making. Throughout the year, we participate in various film competitions, field trips, fund raisers, social events and community service projects-all with an emphasis on film making. While the club is open to anyone, there are certain activities and competitions that are only available to students currently enrolled in one of Mr. Nistas' film making classes. We meet twice a month during lunch in the Tech Lab to plan upcoming events.
Advisor: J. Nistas RM F5

The purpose of this club is to raise funds for the football team.
Advisor:  RM West Gym

Flowing Wells Ambassadors’ Club
Flowing Wells Ambassadors is a club with a goal to engage students in experiences abroad. Traveling abroad provides international, academically- based experiences in support of student’s personal, professional, and intellectual success. This is an effective and accessible means for students to develop needed skills for future success because it pushes a student to get out of his/her comfort zone to experience another culture, language, and environment.
Advisor: R. Pakka, J. Mann, R. Lodge, D. Nguyen, J. Hudecek RM C8

Friends Club
The Friends Club is a group of student volunteers who love books and helping out in the community. We work in partnership with the Friends of the Pima County Public Library, a non-profit organization which processes hundreds of thousands of books-library discards and donations-for resale to the community. Our activities take us onsite to book sales and warehouse work at the non-profit organizations main site, near the intersection of Grant and Country Club. We meet at school and drive down there about one weekend a month.
Advisor: J. Mann RM C7

Gamers’ Club
We are a club that transcends the bounds of imagination and strive to make the impossible possible by way of videogames and friendships.
Advisor: A. Urquidez RM B3

To teach these young men and women to play a sport that they can play the rest of their lives. This club is designed to build close relationships among golfers and to raise funds for the Golf Team.
Advisor: (Boys Golf Coach), (Girls Golf Coach)

Graphic Design Club
Students use their skills to create professional designs both on- and off-campus groups and companies. Using hand-drawing combined with computer-based design programs they combine imagery with typography to create a variety of designs.
Advisor: M. Srsen RM JTED

Biotech HOSA-Health Occupation Student Association
A student organization for CTE individuals interested in health related careers and community service.
Advisors: A. Hayes and J. Dietrich RM S7

ILS Hiking Club
We choose various hikes around southern Arizona and learn about safe hiking techniques. In April we go on a two day camp out where the students learn how to set up a tent, cook outside, and pick a safe day to hike in the area.
Advisor: M. Lawton RM 

Interact Club
Interact Club works with organizations around Tucson to make the community a better place. Students organize service projects and find volunteer opportunities where they can make a difference. From cleaning up parks to delivering cards to the elderly, to volunteering at the local pet shelter, this club is about helping others in as many different ways as possible.
Advisor: I. Duarte RM: C-4

JROTC Raiders
This club is designed for students who are seeking outdoor adventures, while promoting physical fitness. Students learn an appreciation for repelling, rock climbing, orienteering, endurance/biathlon trekking, 1 & 2 rope bridges and physical fitness. The team competes against other schools at various locations throughout Arizona.
Advisor: B. Edwards and T. Anthony RM JROTC

JROTC Drill Team/Color Guard
The purpose of this club is to instill pride, self-confidence and teamwork while representing the school in the community patriotic and civil functions. The teams compete against other schools at various locations throughout Arizona. This club raises funds for the Drill and Color Guard Teams.
Advisor: T. Dimmick RM JROTC

JROTC Rifle Team
The purpose of this club is to practice rifle marksmanship and safety with firearms. We practice for competition in our indoor air rifle range.
Advisor: B. Edwards RM JROTC

Lady Cab Softball Club
This club is designed to encourage any girls who love playing softball to get involved with our softball program throughout the year. We fundraise for items and training gear for the season as well as, begin to preseason condition prior to tryouts in the spring. You don't have to play to be involved so come and hang with Lady Cabs Softball Club.
Advisor: A. Grijalva RM b9 

Library Advisory Committee
Library Advisory Committee meets once per month during lunch to discuss ideas for making the library an even better place. 
Advisor: J. Wingate RM  Library

Life Skills Social Club
The Social Club will meet the last Wednesday of each month in room #2. Daily activities for students wanting to participate in the social club include time to socialize, watch movies, use the Life Skills Library, and just hang out with friends, before school, during lunch time, and after school in the Life Skills Classrooms. Everyone is welcome. The group will also sponsor parties, make items for individuals in assisted living homes, and participate in a variety of volunteer positions throughout the community.
Advisor: M. Lawton RM A7

Link Crew
Upperclassmen are selected to help run Freshmen Orientation and serve as mentors throughout the year leading activities and sponsoring events with the underclassmen. All members have been selected through an application process.
Advisor: A. Brown RM Dance Room

Mathematics, Engineering, Science Achievement (MESA) builds skills and confidence in math, science, and college preparation.
Advisor: RM E2

Modeling Board
The modeling board models are selected by audition. They work with the fashion design students to present garments on the runway during the annual fashion show, FUSION.
Advisor: K. Loyd RM J1

Momentum Dance Company
A performance based dance company with a focus on building a strong foundation of all styles of technique. This company provides numerous performance opportunities throughout the year on campus, in the Tucson community and nationally.
Advisor: A. Brown RM DANCE

National Honors Society
The NHS strives to create enthusiasm for scholarship, to stimulate a desire to render service, to promote leadership and to develop character in the students at FWHS.

Native American Club
The Native American Club was established to explore and to share Native American heritage through the study of history, culture, and traditions. The members want to graduate as strong leaders by promoting Native American cultures everywhere. The club is open to any student who wants to learn about Native American cultures.
Advisor: INACTIVE 

All students enrolled in orchestra automatically belong to Orchestra Club.
Advisor: J. Brookins RM Orchestra

Photo Club
The FWHS Photo Club is open to anyone who is interested in Photography. Throughout the year, we participate in various photo competitions, field trips, fund raisers, social events and community service projects-all with an emphasis on photography. While the club is open to anyone, there are certain activities and competitions that are only available to students currently enrolled in one of Mr. Nistas' photography classes. We meet twice a month during lunch in the Tech Lab to plan upcoming events.
Advisor: J. Nistas RM F5

Pom Line
The Flowing Wells Pom Line is a performing team in conjunction with the marching band. The performance styles explored range from jazz, lyrical, hip-hop, contemporary, and cultural choreographic influences. The Pom Line performs at all Football games as well as with the band at marching band competitions and on their own at dance competitions.
Advisor: RM Dance Room

Prom Committee
This club is a student directed club where fundraising and activities are organized so that all proceeds will go to the planning and production of annual Junior/Senior prom.
Advisor: Horan, Lodge, C

Pulse Dance Company
This club focuses on building a stronger foundation of dance technique and performance quality while exploring a variety of styles of dance such as contemporary, lyrical, jazz, funk and hip hop. An emphasis on numerous performances and competitions throughout the year will be pursued both within the community and the nation. Students audition in March to be part of Pulse Dance Company.
Advisor: C. Smith RM STAGE

Rock Band Club
Why play Rock Band when you can be in a rock band. The purpose of the club is to foster student interest in rock music. Club members get the opportunity to put a band together and perform at various campus functions.
Advisor: J. Rustici RM C13

Rube Goldberg Club

Advisor: K. Daly RM S11

Skills USA Auto
Skills USA Auto empowers its members to become world-class workers, leaders and responsible American citizens. Skills USA Auto improves the quality of America’s skilled work force through a structured program of citizenship, leadership, employability, technical and professional skills training. Skills USA Auto enhances the lives and careers of students, instructors and industry representatives as they strive to be champions at work.
Advisor: J. Brenton RM Auto

Soccer (Boys and Girls)
During the winter, both boys’ and girls’ soccer players attend practices each day that include conditioning, basic soccer skills and the mentality they will get better each time they step on the field. 80 minute games are played as the athletes are able to assess their fitness levels and put the skills practiced to the test against other opponents.
Advisor: and A. Davis

Sports Medicine
The Sports Medicine Club introduces students to the field of athletic training in a practical and hands on way. Students learn how to treat and prevent athletic injuries and practice those skills on athletes on a daily basis. We have monthly meetings where you get to learn practical anatomy and new skills that you can put into practice every day in the athletic training room.
Advisor: A. McHale RM E6

Student Council
Student Council is a class offered to students who want to get involved and make changes to the campus. They participate in activities to improve school spirit and to improve their leadership as representatives of the student body. We bring spirit, fun, and pride to Flowing Wells. If you want to get involved, think about running for student council!
Advisor: A. Webster RM STUCO

S.W.A.T (Student Wellness Advocacy Team)
Students’ advocate and educate other students and younger kids about the importance of staying active and advocate for positive changes in their schools and communities. Students are proactive in eating healthier, getting out and being active as well as having fun at the same time. One connection is FUTP60 (Fuel Up To Play 60 Program) that advocates to get up and move and is sponsored by the NFL.
Advisor: T. Swaney RM G3

Swimming is active in the fall. It allows students to attend practices and learn the fundamentals of swimming as well as compete in numerous swim meets.
Advisor K. Davis RM G3

Teachers of Tomorrow
The Flowing Wells Teachers of Tomorrow program is designed to generate awareness of educational issues as well as train students in the basics of education theory, cognitive development, and the essential elements of instruction. As part of the program, students must complete a full cadet experience as well as associated assignments. The cadet will be trained throughout the year and will develop into a student who can assume some classroom leadership roles.
Advisor: K. Loyd RM J1

Tech Theatre
Theatre Tech explores the techniques used in live theatre, music, dance and film to mimic the real world through the use of set design, lighting, sound reinforcement and costume/prop design. And… its wicked fun!
Advisor: C. Pankratz  RM Black Box

Tennis (Boys and Girls)
Tennis is active in the spring. It allows students to attend practices and learn the fundamentals of tennis as well as compete in numerous matches.
Boys Advisor: J. Madruga; Girls Advisor: M. Pina RM G5

Flowing Wells Theater Company 
A performance club for actors and artists enrolled in theater classes. 
Advisor: C. Pankratz RM Black Box

Track and Field
Track and Field is a spring sport that allows athletes to participate in a variety of events such as long jump, triple jump, high jump, pole-vault, hurdles, discuss, shot put, sprinting events and distance. Athletes compete in a variety of track meets.
Advisor: Mark Brunenkant RM W Gym

Visual Arts Club
Visual Arts Club exposes students to new arts and crafts mediums. We create art works to keep, for donation and for sale. We participate in community service activities such as teaching art at elementary school art programs and creating art pieces for non-profit organizations. We also have an art gallery to both feature and sell your art works. This club is perfect if you wanted to have an art class but could not fit one in your schedule or if you want to spend more time working on your art. Supplies are provided.
Advisor: L. Sekulich RM I-3

Volleyball (Boys and Girls)
Girls Volleyball is active in the fall; Boys Volleyball is active in the spring. Volleyball allows students to attend practices and learn the fundamentals of volleyball as well as compete in numerous games.
Advisor: D. Alderete

Wrestling is active in the winter. Wrestling allows students to attend practices and learn the fundamentals of wrestling as well as compete in numerous matches.
Advisor: D. Abeytia

Writers Club
This is a club designed for students who enjoy writing and are interested in presenting their work or in having their work published. Contest participation is encouraged.
Advisor: A. Pettera RM B7

Year Book
This club in comprised of students who are currently enrolled in the yearbook class. The function of the club is to produce the high school’s annual utilizing digital photography, journalistic
writing and CS3 in Design.

Young Life
This club is a nondenominational club where students can meet up and play games and ask questions about God.