Counseling Department

High school students face many decisions about post secondary education (college, community college, trade school, military). From applications to scholarships, our Counseling Staff is here to help you through the process.

Counseling Staff
Alexandra McArthur
Serving students A-D
Phone: 520-696-8047
Fax: 520-690-2260
[email protected]

Rene Fernandez Rene Fernandez
Serving students E-J, ELL
Phone: 520-696-8014
Fax: 520-690-2260
[email protected]
Lois Bursuk Lois Bursuk 
Serving students K-P
Phone: 520-696-8028
Fax: 520-696-2260
[email protected]
Amy Pierson
Serving students Q-Z, Dept. Chair
Phone: 520-696-8011
Fax: 520-690-2260 [email protected]

Stacey Ramirez
College and Career Center
Phone: 520-696-8009
Fax: 520-690-2260
[email protected]
counselor Camilo Macias
Intervention Counselor
Phone: 520-696-8010
Fax: 520-690-2260
[email protected]
resource Talia Haynes
Resource Counselor
Phone: 520-696-8013
Fax: 520-690-2260
[email protected]

Julie Gross Julie Goss
Social Worker 
Phone: 520-696-8143
Fax: 520-690-2260
[email protected]
Claudia Hatlevig
Phone: 520-696-8040
Fax: 520-690-2260
[email protected]
assistant Danielle Madrid-Sharff
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 520-690-8033
Fax: 520-690-2260
[email protected]

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Counseling Office
College & Career Center
Flowing Wells High School

3725 N Flowing Wells Rd,
Tucson, AZ 85705   

Danielle Madrid-Sharff
Administration Assistant to the Counseling Department
520-696-8033 - Phone
520-690-2260 - Fax